#21710 Debt DAO First 500 POAP Request

POAP is given to the early community members of the Debt DAO Discord (First 500) starting Nov 2021. The original request was to distribute the POAP via poap.delivery, but after advisement and further reading, I would like to change the delivery method to Mint Links. The links will be sent to each of the First 500 members by an admin.

Please let me know if you need further details or clarification. I understand the POAP team is working hard and appreciate what you guys are doing.


Hey @luu5915
We usually don’t approve such events for many codes.
I see that your Discord currently has 1500 members. How would you determine the first people that joined it ?
btw : You can change your description here, as it’s still saying “POAP.delivery”.
A delivery would be useful if you had the Eth Addresses of your early community members.
Have a look here for more information on the different distribution methods
POAP Delivery Methods 101 | POAP Help Center

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Hi @HeuRea, each of the first 500 members were assigned a special role in Discord. Admins would send each one a Mint Link.

I tried to update the event but get an error message that says it cannot be edited +30 days after the start date. I then tried to change the start date to Jan 1, 2022 but still got the same error message. Would it be appropriate to recreate a new POAP event in that case?

I’ve just received the links in an email. Thank you for your help!

That’s sounds fine. We gave your drop a positive review.
Please make sure you are giving it to the right people, 500 mint links is a lot to manually distribute.
I also changed your start date to the first of January, so you can change your description and dates now.

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