#21694 - ctd - fortnightly community call (07/01/22)

Hi POAP team,
I am Bella from CitaDAO.io.
The event has happened with participation of 249 members.
We have received 50 poap codes prior to the call.
And now making request for more 200 poap codes to be able to serve our community.
Thank you!

A) Here are the Information of the event

Event ID: 21694
Description: A memento that will be granted to Citazen who participate in our biweekly community call where Joel will be providing the latest update on Introducing Real Estate Onchain (IRO).
Date: 07 Jan 2022 (event time: 10 PM SGT)
Code received: 50
Codes requested for more: 200
Distribution method: Degen BOT

(or Manually send link if you request that, let me know, however as 250 is a big number, we prefer to use Degen BOT)

B) Here is the .csv file after the call: participants_249.csv

Thank you and looking forward to your review results.

Hey @bellaciao,
Your request was positively reviewed.
You can of course use the degen bot to distribute your codes.

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Thank you so much ! :heart_eyes:
Like this new work flow alot. So well-organized !