#21691 - Year of the HPPR Request 1/10/21

This POAP drop is intended for the HPPR community - We are gonna be doing a twitter spaces and discord event to give out the Website so people can mint their poap. We will be taking measures to prevent farming and allowing one poap per community member.

https://twitter.com/shakkablood (Lead Artist)
https://twitter.com/HPPRSNFT (Official Twitter)

hey @wrizamusic welcome to the forum.

POAP creators have to show proficiency in the POAP ecosystem before they can do such large drops.

Please start with a small drop, I suggest something on the range of 100 POAPs using minting links so it doesn’t gets out of control. Find useful information about the ecosystem in: POAP Help Center

that doesnt really work unfortunately… is there any way i can prove our proficiency another way? we have a huge community and it will cause a lot of problems if we dont have enough poaps for people. appreciate the fast reply regardless

A good way to show proficiency in the POAP ecosystem is by showing your personal POAP Collection.

Yes of course! Should I just send my wallet addresses that contain POAPs? i personally don’t collect a lot but I know the value in them for community members. I have minted from the Decentraland Metaverse, using secret words from Twitter Spaces, and codes from Discord chats. Here is a screen shot of just one wallet that I have POAPs in. I’ve also minted POAPs linked to wearables in decentraland. Also in the screenshot i sent there is a test mint from the POAP event in discussion right now. (i received 100 codes for 1-1 basis but thats not really viable with our community.)

I also started distributing the 1-1 codes i got (i have 100) to the moderators and team members of the community to start showing proficiency as well - we have worked out a way to get these 100 out and then whats the best step moving forward to get more codes for this POAP for the community (as many as possible)

Hey @Wrizamusic ,

While I appreciate that you claim proficiency with POAP distribution, you should know that posting the address of a POAP website online (anywhere, as you did above) is basically a sure-fire way to wind up getting farmed.

For Discord events, please consider using the Degen bot, which will automatically distribute individual mint links on an individual basis.

While we have a more comprehensive solution in the works for Twitter Spaces, the current best practice is a secret word drop, which you leave open for no longer than the duration of the space. As with websites, please don’t publish this information in writing anywhere.

As a gentle reminder, the POAP team does do periodic checks on the degree to which drops have been farmed – and getting drops farmed is a good way to create difficulties for yourself in doing large drops in the future.

no I totally understand - the link above doesnt have any codes associated with it yet and I was gonna edit it out as soon as i had confirmation - I did so anyways just for your peace of mind. I can assure you our POAP has not been farmed because I’ve checked redemptions personally. The secret code was gonna be the best way ideally but the faq lead me to building the site instead so I went that route. We will not be publically posting the website (other than here to show you guys it was made) and we will be distributing it exactly as described in your message being open only during very specific windows during our events and only given to community members.

OK. There are other details missing from your drop request, including any details about where we would find your community or affiliated Twitter profiles, which makes it impossible for the curation team to validate any of the claims made above.

Absolutely, my apologies - i was following these guidelines sent to me by one of your discord mods.
I will edit the post to include the necessary information

I’ll also include them here

https://twitter.com/shakkablood (Lead Artist)
https://twitter.com/HPPRSNFT (Official Twitter)

Please read: Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops

Our policy will generally approve drops for Twitter spaces/ Discord stages for somewhere between 5 and 10% of the total audience size. This is an optimistic estimate of the expected turnout for a live event. Based on the parameters above, plus the somewhat dubious nature of the execution, I would be inclined to review this for 100 mint links, as opposed to a website, for manual distribution, but I’ll defer to the curators for a final opinion.

Thank you! I appreciate the effort and responses regardless and I completely understand. We were shooting for 50% of the community being able to obtain POAPs as it can cause some serious issues when people believe they deserve one but weren’t able to get one. I actually already have 100 codes for mint links and we have been distributing them on a 1-1 basis. Thank you again though for the help through this and I’m thoroughly looking forward to building a relationship with the POAP team moving forward because it is a mechanic we would like to utilize a lot because we love what POAPs do for a community.

Just following up on the deference! i also just requested more codes - 500 this time i thought it was far more reasonable than the original request

Hey i requested 500 more codes and was only given 100 more - i was really hoping to use a secret word or the poap website i previously mentioned.