#21628 Receiving Additional Codes for POAP Event

Hello. My initial amount of claim codes apparently wasn’t enough, so I’ve requested more. I remember needing to come into the discord since it’s been busy to get the initial codes, so thought I would do the same to request for more. People like their POAPS.

#21628 Original Flavor Badge, I requested 250 more. This is my first POAP release, and I definitely love it, and will do more in the future. I will be running out shortly, so I wanted to get ahead of the game.

Thank you!


Hi Flavor, thanks for joining this forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

The Curation team partially approved the request as we would like to have more context about your event and distribution method. Would appreciate if you can give us that information for future drop requests.

We are striving to create the best ecosystem for the preservation of memories :purple_heart: