#21341 - request more poaps to "Spanish Museum Quest #1 - Los reyes magos"

About the event:

The spanish museum its a decentraland project with its comunity that make cultural,art,music, and games events.

This event is about a challenge to finish a quest based on the three wise kings “Los reyes magos”. (game+culture)

I include in the poap a translation in spanish due the 90% of the public is spanish. I see that the new rules specify that the poap should need have entire in english.
As feedback i think this is not a good decision and i dont know if in the future events i could add a spanish translation or not, is it allowed?

The event its already approved, but i need supply more poaps for the users, they don’t stop asking about it since the saturday.

I created the event with 200 poaps, and I did a first request for 300 more that was approved, sent, and distribuited.
But i ask for 500 more on saturday (i already have 1000 users that complete the quest) but my petition was ignored.

I trying to ask for a responsive number of poap (maybe now, should be about 500-700 due the event end the next weekend).

About distribution:

The user needs to finish a quest with some mini games in decentraland (all the people are wellcome, 144,-35), and i restrict the claim to one per wallet.
When the user finish the challenge, a poap url link was asigned to their wallet (its unique per wallet) and the user can claim it clicking on the link.
I will airdrop a nft to all the wallets that finish the event too.

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Congrats! your drop was reviewed with positive results. :white_check_mark: :slight_smile:

We wish you the best with your drop !
-The POAP Curation Team

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Hello frankie, and poap curation team.
I decided extended the event one week more, but the poaps was ended. could yo send me around 300 more?

Its better ask at this way or create a new request petition?

995 distributed! POAP Gallery



Glad you have been having good success with your drop!

Request the additional codes through the issuer portal, the way you did previously.

Let me know if you encounter any issues.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Team