#21023 - Chain Runners Movie Night #1: Hackers - 2022

Event ID: #21023

Name: Chain Runners Movie Night #1: Hackers - 2022

Description: Proof of attending Chain Runners Movie Night #1: Hackers. This token is claimable during the event in the RunnerHub at Chain Runners. Claim limited to one per wallet address.

Date: Jan 3 2022

Codes requested: 75 more

Distribution method: This token is claimable during the event in the RunnerHub at Chain Runners. Claim limited to one per wallet address.

Explanation: We created this event prior to the new approval changes going into effect. At that time we generated 300 POAP claim codes. These initial 300 claim codes were all consumed during our event and I created a Google form to take wallet addresses of people who didn’t claim their token. We have around 70 people who didn’t get a token and so we would like to have about 70 more claim codes generated for this event.

Hi @Knav!

Movie nights are super fun :movie_camera: and definitely something to celebrate.

We’re working on reviewing your request for additional codes now and will get back to you soon!

Hope you had enough popcorn for everyone though :grimacing:

Hey @matei,

Any update on this? We are trying to host another movie night soon and want to get these distributed ASAP so that there’s closure on the first movie night. Thanks!

Hey @Knav!

We noticed quite a bit of farming going on toward the end of your event. The initial distribution seemed solid, but likely people who were not part of your event found out and are asking for mint links.

How are you able to distinguish between those who were actually at the event and those who simply filled out a form in order to get a POAP?

Hey @matei,

Thanks for the response.

So initially we were doing distribution through the Runner Hub. That distribution mechanism used backend validation to ensure that we only distributed one POAP claim code per wallet address. This worked but it did seem that eventually people started to bot it as we did not put any additional anti-bot mechanisms in front of the claiming. We didn’t want to introduce unnecessary user friction as we didn’t think our event would be large enough to attract the bots as we only had the claim active for a brief window during and after the movie, but alas it did ultimately seem to be an issue.

After we ran out of the initial 300 claim codes we moved to the google form, this was only available for users to put their address in for a brief period of time following the showing of the movie. We only received about 70 form responses which seemed in the realm of reasonable to me given how many people we had show up to the event.

My plan is just to directly assign the remaining POAPs to the addresses we collected in the google form and then increase the robustness of the RunnerHub platform distribution for future drops. I know this probably isn’t ideal for this event but for this event my feeling is that it is best to optimize for ensuring that legitimate attendees receive their POAPs.



Thanks so much for your detailed response, and we appreciate your commitment to improving your distribution methods in the future (even given they were a good effort to begin with!)

We would love to know how you increase the robustness of your distribution mechanism in the future, and I’m sure other issuers would too. We’ll soon launch a dedicated category for Best Practices and would welcome you to share your work in there!

Your petition has received a positive review :smiley: :partying_face: