#20779 Draftly Discord

Requesting for more codes for first members of Draftly Discord.

@auk could you please indicate how you distributed the last set of codes you received?

How do you determine who receives a POAP?

It looks like many of the POAPs you distributed were farmed, and we would certainly like to prevent this from happening in the future.

We used @POAP-bot in the Discord. Yes it was botted, this is why we are requesting the additional codes. We gave the first 300 people into the Discord the “First 300” role and then in a role-gated channel we sent out directions to claim.

We plan on distributing the additional codes one-by-one to make sure that they are all received by real people.

Hey @matei any update on this by chance?

Hey @auk,
the curation team reviewed your case and gave you the 50 mint links you requested.
Please distribute them responsibly, one-by-one, just like you said :slight_smile: