#20365 I Voted - 1st_Election of Rivermen Council

I created this poap event about 16 days ago, and received 20 codes. Actually I need 277 codes in total to make sure every voter in our previous snapshot proposal could get one. Now this event has been linked with this proposal.


As you can see 277 voted in this proposal. So I just requested for 257 more codes. Anyone who can help me approve pls?

Hey @Polaris88899
The curation team has reviewed your request and concluded that this is not an acceptable usage of POAP.

POAPs are minted as an attestation to a collector’s attendance (physical, virtual, or spiritual) at an event; a gift from issuers to collectors which acknowledge the non-material (and yet, invaluable) contributions that members of a community contribute to its collective health.

Please check this document to learn more about the subject: Curator Guidelines: Creating Quality Drops

The POAP Curation Body