2 upcoming POAP Delivery requests

Hi there, thanks in advance for reading this. I know you guys are extremely busy since everyone wants a POAP now.

I’d like to emphasise that we have a solid system rolled out to ensure only our viewers/watchers that actually attend our events get our specially made animated POAPs, as I’m sure the Curation Body takes these things into consideration while processing requests.

Is it possible to speed up the approval of these 2 events?
I’m planning on trying one of those POAP.Deliveries. (Each event will definitely not go over 200)

Thank you for your time.

Update: I’ve heard you don’t have to wait for event approval when it comes to a POAP.delivery. I’ve added the wallets to the first delivery and is now in process.

The delivery ID is: #1059

Any chance this delivery can get moved up?

Hey @plushy,
Your event got a positive review by the curation body :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me! I have indeed noticed! That went quicker than expected. Thank you!