#19986 - HyperZen Happy Holidays 2021-2022 -- Additional codes

I put in a request for additional codes for this collection on December 26 and have not heard back about them. Can I get an update? I’d like to issue them throughout January.

Thank you!

hey !

You are welcome to use POAP with your community, but please check the guidelines:

It seems that the lion’s share of your drop 19986 got farmed by people that aren’t effective members of your community and just showed up for the POAP, it’s a pity but it happens. Also see other messages of the forum where this is being discussed, like: Let’s talk Twitter Best Practices Going Forward

Hope on your next POAP drop you find the way to have fun with your community without being bombarded by POAP farmers.


Hi there, are we talking about the first 50 codes? Or were there more generated after?

Thank you!

I only see a request for 50 codes that’s gone through. Let me see what’s happening here :slight_smile:

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