#19789 Delivery Approval

Hello! I had created a new delivery for event #19789 6 days ago and while I have received an email for the successful creation of the delivery, the delivery page has not been generated


Hey @willlexham,
I see that it was a secret word drop for a twitter spaces.
Why was the delivery created and who did you collect those addresses ?

I had an allocation for 500, but only 466 were able to mint before there was a prompt that said that it was fully minted out

Also, I ended up having much more people join the Twitter Spaces than expected

thanks for the help

Actually, all 500 were minted from what i can see.
People can also use their email address to mint, those won’t show up on the gallery page.
Normally you would just request some mint links to distribute manually, that’s probably the easiest option. (To people that actually attended of course)
I will ask the curation team to review this case.

Congrats! your drop was reviewed with positive results.
Please use an official company email next time. It makes our job easier to distinguish fakes.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Team

Got it! Thank You!

Also… I just had a new delivery approved for an event that I did. There were a few addresses that I forgot to include. Do I have to create a new delivery to add them?

Please don’t create multiple deliveries for the same event.
Just request some mint links to distribute it manually, is that possible in your case ?