#1665 - I Voted for ConstitutionDAO - Golden Kitty Awards

  1. 1665 (POAP Delivery)

  2. PeopleDAO (people-dao.com) “Self-identifying as a metaDAO, we are committed to acting as a designer, funder, and supporter of DAOs and projects which advance Web3 and improve social good. We welcome all people to join our almost-7,000 Discord members in developing the People DAO infrastructure and working together to apply our energy.”

  3. This is an “I Voted” POAP for the Golden Kitty Awards held by Product Hunt. We are celebrating having voted and won the awards show for ConstitutionDAO as they were nominated. This POAP is symbolic of the victory and mobilization as a community to support ConstitutionDAO.

  4. I created a POAP delivery for this based on the addresses that voted. The number is around 595 if I remember correctly, which was retrieved by our dev.

  5. I think this petition is held due to its big amount of mint links needed (more than 500). In order to prevent farming and over/under estimation of codes, we had our dev from PeopleDAO retrieve addresses who voted in Product Hunt.

Hey @secretpikachu

We’re happy to check on the status of your petition. Thanks for all the info!

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:


Q:How did you collect your attendees wallets? | How are you verifying participation?

Thanks! : )

Hello Frankie!

We have a dedicated channel called ConstitutionDAO vote where we required that the member post: (1) an identifiable screenshot of their vote number and browser and (2) their address. There was only a time window when they can submit to prevent late submission of screenshots or those that only submit a screenshot to claim.

One of our devs was tasked to pull these addresses from the channel and submit a txt file.

Hi frankie, I was not able to tag you! My response is as above!

Thank you <3

Hi @Fio @frankie

Not to hurry you but when you have extra time, can you please check and let me know the status of my drop! Thank you very much


Hey, its been reviewed – thanks for your patience :pray:


Congrats!! :star2: :dizzy: