#124624 - Awaiting approval for a few days. Urgent need!

  1. Drop ID - 124624
  2. Community information
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoziesOfficial
    Discord: The Cozy Platform
  3. Nature of the event
    We want to give a meaningful souvenir to our community members who are early in the development of our project. This is not only a memory, but a storytelling component.
  4. Distribution plan
    They must receive a specific role and unlock a channel that has the link within itself. The story event will run for no longer than a week and we estimate it to be claimed by 600-1000 people.
  5. Why do you believe this petition is being held?
    It might be due to the distribution method, though I am not sure. This is very important for providing a meaningful experience to our members.

Hello @adrianski
What is the event id?

I screenshot the Drop ID - 124624 - does that help? Should be under adrian.stefanov@xtingles.com e-mail

Hello @adrianski
is this your drop petition?

I believe this might be one that got declined. I made a new one.

Although this would be great for our community too. Would love to know why it was declined and whether I could do anything to have it approved?

Hello @adrianski

what is the event id of the new one you made?
it wasnt created with the email you gave

Old one should be 133410
New one should be 124624

Perhaps e-mail adrian.ststefanov@gmail.com could have been used?

These are not event ids
and there is nothing under that email address

My apologies, Julie. It appears the second one must not have gone through. #66642 is the first one, indeed.

I just put through another request #70939

I appreciate your help!

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Hello @adrianski

Thank you!

70939 has been approved!

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