#1237 - G.I. Toadz POAP #4 Approval

Hello again!

Just checking the status of the requested delivery for #1237 event #25620, hoping to get it out to the community this week if possible :grinning:

Please let me know if there are any issues

Thank you much!

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Hey @GIToadz! We’re happy to check on the status of your delivery petition.

We’re taking a look now and will get back to you as soon as possible — we appreciate your patience :pray:

Hey, can you provide info on how you get the ETH addresses and any info related to the event? If you have the event link it would be much appreciated.


Sure thing!

We hold AMA events for several of the contributing artists to our project and release a POAP alongside it as a way to celebrate them and their involvement with us.

Here is the link to the event: https://twitter.com/GIToadz/status/1488181130507567111?s=20&t=t1LmlsMHPkUr9jGYnQkgPQ

Our current process for collecting addresses is by posting a link to a google form in Discord and letting attendees know during the AMA event that they can go sign up with there wallet address there. This has been working very well and will be our fourth installment!

Appreciate what you guys have done to help us do this for the community.

Thanks again!

Hey @GIToadz, thanks for the info!

As we can see you intend to send POAPs to the people who attended an AMA on Twitter. The AMA only had 197 listeners-- but you requested 464 codes. It seems some people/bots filled out the Google form but didn’t attend the event.

We consider the best distribution method for this type of events would be Secret Word, or maybe you can find a better way to filter out the people that didn’t attend.

Please contact our Customer Support Team via the chat bubble at https://poap.xyz/ to help you find the best distribution method for your events.

Also, this resources might be helpful:

The POAP Curation Body

Hi Fiorescan,

Thank you much for the reply. I definitely will be looking into the keyword delivery method for the future, I have used it before and wanted that to be our main method but originally we were informed that the current method of collecting addresses would be best for our situation. Our AMA’s vary in size of attendees so I just never know how much we will end up needing and I understand sometimes when it’s a high number it can be off putting but we appreciate our community at large and not everyone can make the event so they will still get the chance to mint the POAP and feel included.

That being said, I will adjust our strategy moving forward. Would you be willing to still consider approving this delivery in order to help us give the community this opportunity to get the POAP? It would be very much appreciated and our team will make sure to change the method for the future.

Thank you again!

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Checking to see if you are still willing to consider my comment above.


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Hey @GIToadz,

I understand the situation, but shouldn’t give POAPs to people who didn’t attend the event.
POAPs are for shared experiences and special moments. They are the bookmarks of a person’s life. It doesn’t make any sense that people who didn’t attend to an event are given POAPs. That’s why the Curation Body made a negative review of your petition.

Please make sure to read the Quality Guidelines for future events.

The POAP Curation Body