#1216 - #002 - Two Bored Apes (Ep. 28) - Twitter Q&A 7

Hey! I set up the POAP.delivery and received the confirmation e-mail, but when I try to enter the redeem URL, it appears “missing item”. In the FAQ it seems that it would be ready in 10 minutes after the e-mail but it’s been almost 2 hours.

I really don’t know the best option to deliver the POAP’s for the podcast. The best one would be the secret word one, but we have almost 3000 listeners per episode. We’re trying by POAP.delivery, but it isn’t working very well too cause the listeners keep asking when the POAP will be delivered and we’re receiving a lot of requests of it that we need to manually reply…

Is there any other method that you guys recommend for us?

Our best scenario would be unlimited mints for listeners that listen to the episode in 24-48h after the publication.

Thank you for all the support!

Hi :wave: @vtrmgl

In this case, delivery would be the best method! :
The advantage of using delivery is security + convenience.

Watch this video tutorial on POAP delivery:

Take another look at the delivery method here:

Secret word would also be a another good method:

We recommend keeping the claim window open for a max of 10mins to prevent + limit farmers.

All methods:

Let us know if you have additional comments questions or require further assistance.

If this issue feels more technical → Please reach-out to customer support on poap.xyz via the chat bubble.

All the best,
The POAP Curation Body

Hey! I set a POAP.delivery page yesterday but it wasn`t reviewed yet. How can I set this up?

Hey. It has been almost two days since I set up POAP.delivery but I still haven’t received an answer. I think my POAP follow all guidelines cause it was approved before. Why it is taking so long? A lot of people ia asking about the POAP…